about us

Amware has been providing excellent service to its customers for over 50 years. Amware Recycling originated from the desire of its parent company,  Amware Distribution, to dispose of its own waste and recyclables in the most environmentally responsible, cost effective manner.  What they discovered was that there are a lot of outlets for recyclable materials, but the opinions and values that are placed on these materials can vary greatly. 

Amware Distribution assembled a team to investigate and analyze options using some of its current employees, as well as enlisting the help of experienced consultants.  This team conducted the first of what is now referred to as Amware’s Waste Audit.  Amware’s recyclable materials were placed into separate categories: paper, cardboard, plastic, and wood pallets; and the outlets for these materials were found based on the value a particular mill placed on the item, the cost to transport the item, as well as the environmental sensitivity and accountability shown by each mill.  The result of the team’s research meant a significant savings for Amware Distribution, but there was a variable that could help to save the company even more, and even allow them to create a revenue stream from their recyclable materials.  That variable was VOLUME.  If the materials could be shipped in large quantities, packaged properly, they became much more valuable.  Amware began contacting their existing customer network, partnering with them in the gathering of their waste materials, and sharing the savings/revenue with them.  Space was allocated in Amware Distributions warehouses for the accumulation of mass quantities of recyclables, an investment was made for the proper equipment for packaging and shipping, and Amware Recycling was born. 

The success of Amware Recycling stems from two major factors:  The ability to use the infrastructure provided by Amware Distribution (warehouse space and trucking availability) enables them to control costs; and the desire to treat customers as partners, allowing them to share in the value of their recyclables.  The original team that was put together has grown along with the company, but the philosophy has remained the same.  Amware Recycling continues to look for ways to improve cost structure while maintaining the best in customer service; and they continue to look for environmentally responsible outlets for what has become an increasingly valuable volume of material.  They do this in order to guarantee that their customers (partners) always receive the best price and the best service while preserving the environment for our future.